Yes. Yes I do realize that a “Hello world” post is the most unoriginal way to start a blog. I’m aware of that. I acknowledge you judging me. It’s just that I don’t care.

Anyways…what is this? Why is this? Am I just another cringy CS student (I know I’m not really a CS student…I’m at a technical college in Vienna but for the lack of a better term, let’s just call myself that) with a blog? Yes. Yes to all of those questions. No but really…if you haven’t read the footer (and who ever does?) here you go:

Tutorials, ramblings, my public diary, heck…maybe I’ll post recipes at some point. This website is basically just an outlet for me (also having a site is apparently good for your CV or something…). Am I qualified to talk about the things I talk about? I mean…who is really qualified to talk about anything, am I right? No? Expect me completely missing the point of tech-stacks, going off-topic mid post and my grandmas recipe for pelmeni.